Sunday, August 28, 2005

What Intelligence Can Never Achieve

Not long back, it dawned upon me that human beings are most intelligent of all beings on this planet. Some of us are even more intelligent than most of this race. I used to think that human beings, by far, have been able to achieve everything in this earth because of intelligence. It's the brain which is almighty.
Even i was convinced to the extent that i thought Nature worked on some given heuristics and Algorithms. I believed that whatever was not logical was illogical and it could not exist for long. It was this thing that i proved to many and mislead them into believing that logic is the highest order of trait which could be shown by any living being. There had to be some objective for this action, or some goal to be satisfied by that.
I am an omnivert by nature. I speak a lot whenever i am getting into the crux of the things, and as mentioned earlier, i was babbling about achievements of logicin the lecture of Artificial Intelligence. It was then the professor showed to me that there are some situations where logic fails.
Let me explain this. Let us assume a student cheats in exam. In that particular exam, many had cheated and the professor caught a few unlucky ones. Now the professor declares that he has caught some pupils cheating, and it would be better if they come on their own and accept their guilt, or else they would be punished. Now if our student goest and accepts his guilt then two possiblities are there:
The prof knows he cheated: The prof, as per his promise cuts some marks of his.
The prof does not know that the guy cheated: The prof out of surprise, cuts some more of his marks. Now the student repents why ever did he go to confess, and that he would have been happier had he not confessed!!
Suppose our student does not go and confess then again two possiblities are there:
The prof knows he cheated: And our hero(!) had the guts to defy the prof! So prof awards him -100% instead. Again the student repents on his decision!.
The prof does not know that the chap cheated: though in this case the prof awards him the full marks, but the guy had to undergo through a lot of stress, worrying that what would have happened and what marks would have prof given to him.
No heuristic can guide us in this situation of regret where every action takes us to a scene much sorry than the previous one. And similar is life in many aspects.
I recognised that i too had undergone such a lesson many a time in my life, and i never tried to learn the morale, instead i tried to cook up some heuristic to avoid the situation if that particular situation ever occured in my life, and it is needless to say that life always eluded me on this ground!
I used to believe that one particular specie was inferior to mankind, and the spcie was womankind, because of their emotion- centric behaviour. I believed that man was the best animal ever. But it struck me in that AI class that human emotions, stability of mind, love, hatred, regret, cooperation, trust, happiness, and host of other feelings can never be achieved via intelligence, super intelligence or super- sper- intelligence. Intelligence fails in this domain. I then realised that emotions have always been accompanying us since our evolution, They r not explainable by any logic, not because they r inferior to logic, but because they are so superior that they are out of reach for logic! Things which are inferior to logic can always be explained by it. Only those things which are superior are unexplainable. I learnt that why people let someone go whom they love, it can never be explained by logic, but this thing is unexplainable by the person himself.
It has been years since i behaved like a human. I had been degrading myself from the level at which i was born, and i am trying now to attain the level back. I am learning to let go of those whom i love, though that's unexplainable, but i strongly believe someday i'll find an explanation to that too. And till then i'll keep behaving like others of my specie.