Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Game

The international clan of Mohammad the Gory, was coming to India to challange the champion team in a Counter strike match. The famous Mohammad was defeated by the champion team from Institute of Infinite Torture at Delhi, the clan of some P R Chauhan, who was then the Final Year student.

Once upon a time, in a land far far away from Kharagpur, in Institute of Infinite Torture Delhi lived a student named P R Chauhan. He was enrolled in that institute at very young age. There, in company of other students, his interest deepened into fighting, politics and especially the Hindi Literature classes (offered by the Humanities Department there). He scored very well in that subject and soon emerged as a new stud around the block. Everyone in the insti knew well about him, and in his third year, he also learnt counter strike, a very popular game. His clan soon emerged as the best clan in not only insti but the best amongst best in north India. Young Prithvi Raj had been a sharp mind and a bright student of Metallurgy department, and the proof of his mental agility could be seen during the game when he would frag the opponent in one on one matches, as it was the norm in IIT system to resolve any dispute. So in the fraggers' community of Counter Strike, his name was mentioned with respect. During his first year, he had to temporarily shift to some Hall named "Karakoram" where he came in contact with some new people who were MTechs, and learnt the art of Hearing- based- Sniping from them. He could now Frag anyone by a headshot, just by listening to their noise.

There was a girl in her second year, in Civil department, in the same insti, named Sanyogita, who was deeply impressed by the personality of this stud hero. She would keep on looking at him when he used to participate in Hindi Elocution, or Eastern Musical competition, and she would almost dance on his i- tunes of his electric guitar. It was now no more a secret from her friends that she was in love with Chauhan. The fragrance of love dissolved in air and PRC could smell it too, and he could see the feelings clearly in her big black eyes. And when he looked into them, he would forget all about his classes, and even his headshots, which pumped his adrenaline. The blood in the veins of this young couple was beginning to take it's rich redness from love. The hormones were mixing up in their minds, making a cocktail of emotions, which worked as saccharine to the environment, it was as if the time too had taken a break to watch the love bloom.

Prithvi Raj was a changed man now. He is no more the one who shot each one of the opponent's team and left the game, because he thought it would be condescending to shoot Mohammad when he was the only one left in the map. PRC did not like classes too, he would just skip and bunk them. Even the prof's threat of dereging him could not budge his love for his love. He and his ladylove would watch all the four shows in the PVR or Chanakya Theatre.

PRC was in his final year, and out of touch of CS, and so was his clan. This was the best opportunity for The Gory Clan to defeat the champions. So The Gory Clan challanged them in the Thomson fest of Roorkee insti.

There was a gory battle fought in the map of de_train, and the better amongst two, PRC clan emerged as a winner in the match by simply railing their opponents, with an announcement "Counter Terrorists Win!". It was this match which had fired the ambition of Mohammad to conquer the position which the winners held. Mohammad had practiced for the whole one year and he then again challanged the PRC guys. Although Chauhan was out of touch of the game but he accepted the challange by picking up his Magnum rifle. Shining it high, he shouted "PRC ka Tempo High Hai!" with that tempo shout, everyone chose their shotguns and Colts. It was a deciding match- The finals of the game fiesta. The One winning it will be christened as the "God" and the loser will bite the dust. The Lower middle of Screen showed countdown of 3 seconds, and everyone held their mice and keyboards ready in position. As soon as "Go, Go, Go!" sounded, everyone ran to his ammunition. They picked their choices up, there was no time to waste. The map of Snow was soon covered with the color of rising sun, the color of new era which was soon to dawn upon the game scenario of IITs. The radar in upper left corner of screen soon started getting empty of dots, for both the sides. The Gory gang was large in number and better prepared. They knew how much was the recoil of Colt and what was the advantage of Magnum over Scout. The team was ready for any eventuality, unlike PRC and his folks who were missing their shots, but the flying lead found them. They were unaware that the bullets could pass through walls. They were having a tough time at the labyrinthine map. After a long 250 seconds, Prithvi got surrounded by all the Terrorist Team of Mohammad The Gory. He stood still, thinking what to do, until he saw the radar on his upper left corner of screen. One other point blinked. How could that be! Who was he?

"Char bans, chaubis gaj, angul ashta praman, Ta upar sultan hai, Chuke mat Chauhan. Turn around dude, and get him!"

(Four measures ahead of you and twenty four yards away as measured with eight finger measurement, is seated the Sultan. Do not miss him now, Chauhan).

Shouted his depmate and lab partner Chand Bardai from next room. He was hiding in a higher position holding a magnum. As the Sultan Gory and his guys were in some other block of hall, so he could not hear this. He was busy celebrating his victory over PRC. PRC got the cue and turned, suddenly aimed him and shot him in his head with his Magnum. Mohammad could not dodge him and got hit. The Gory people could not understand what happened and before they could react, Chandu TK'd his partner Prithvi with his Magnum. Then he dropped the Granade on his position, where he committed suicide, preferring it than being sniped by a terrorist shot. The upper right corner of Screen read: "PRC headshot Mohd" "Chandu TK'd PRC" "Bomb" and lastly, the centre of the screen flashed "Terrorists win!" ____________________________________________________________________________________ Glossary:
  • Bomb- A mesasge flashes when one (by mistake/ experimentally) drops a grenade on oneself.
  • Clan- Team of Counter Strike.
  • Colt- A low recoil, good killing machine.
  • Counter Strike- The main aim of getting into IITs is to play this unique 300 seconds game, which makes pupils of IIT a real warrior. The main part of students' life goes into learning how to get 45 frags without getting killed oneself. Also known as CS. Old Indo- IITian lingo.
  • Dereg- The only way a prof can threaten a bored- to- death kid in his class to attend his torturous lectures. Ultimately from indo- IITian root deregister.
  • Frag- The number of kills. The bigger is this number, the better you are respected in the CS circle.
  • Headshot- The perfect shot in head, kills the victim instantly. It is something for the killer to brag about.
  • Magnum- A good sniping Rifle. Used by geniuses to kill other geniuses.
  • Map- the gaming location, like Snow, de_train, Box, etc.
  • Scout- A relatively poor sniping rifle.
  • Shotgun- A slow assault rifle.
  • Terrorists and Counter Terrorists- One of the two teams which play CS. Each has 16 players.
  • TK'd- Team Killed. Usually done to avenge for some crass action done by the teammate, or to lessen the frustness, or just for fun.
____________________________________________________________________________________ i say-
It is a disputable fact if Prithvi Raj killed Mohd. Gori in this heroic manner. An alternate view is that the last hindu ruler of Delhi was killed in the battle, fighting against the battle. It is this write up of his courtier and poet Chand Bardai which lives in the legend and continues to light up the blood of every generation.
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