Friday, August 10, 2007

The Story of Inventions: part 3 of n: The Invention of Jewellery

Fantasy till now:
Ramu was in a dilemma, one was external- the rival tribes were always perpetrating his people, killing the female population as they were vulnerable and easily lured into an ambush, and his strategy fell flat on ground. The other problem was internal. It was something related to human nature of satan worshipping...

Idle brain is a devil's symposium, wise men said in the tribe, and ramu believed it. The way the women were jealous and kept on trying to slander each other to get his favour irritated him. He wanted to come home and relax after running before cattle everyday. And what he got was complaints that how someone wanted to split the milk which someone kept for him, and this definitely pointed that someone wanted to slander the impression. Ramu was almost program to get alarmed by the sign of danger and get started in the fighting mode. But the other party did not want him to take actions, instead, she expected him to sit and listen to her, which in his dictionary, was, at best, boring, if said politely.

Ramu noticed that he did not get the daily dose with the dinner when he came back, he noticed that the girl was too busy playing with the "medal". He called her Mau, and his Mau was busy looking at the "necklace" which he gave her yesternight.

For a man who was a free boy years ago, when he used to jump on elephants and play with other primates, thinking that they were kids of his kind, it was suddenly a vacuum. Ramu did not get his food, the deer was barbecued today, and it was to be served with honey, but Mau was in some other world.

Looking at the opportunity, he was served by Kau, the female humanoid, who had a brush with Mau yesterday. Kau in a complaining tone said Mau has been busy all day showing it to us, and madam hence excused herself for not doing any chore. I pitied that your son was playing in the afternoon sun, so i made him sleep, though he wanted to jump with your canine.

It was followed by more of some redundant issues like motherhood, mother-in-law's-hood, and neighbourhood, which sounded silly, because it was something else going in Ramu's mind. If Mau could be busy with the "thing" all day, so could be all of the ladies. now that he knew the source of such stones, so he had some special knowledge which he could use that to his own benefit.

Ramu then almost made it his rule that whenever he was pleased with some female animal, he would give her an ore to ornate herself, while the same ore was melted and used by his gang to counter the invading tribes. The days were passing by and Ramu was happily living. The only problem was for his neighbours and other males who did not have that "thing". They were having a tough time explaining their wives and partners that they really did not know about what "thing" was it.

The bolt struck Ramu when someone found a small nugget which shone brilliantly and it was more yellow and had a peculiar lustre, and now he was left with demanding wives who were busy comparing their weighty ores with that small nugget. The weapon which he tried to use for his peace turned out to be a hornet's nest which he had stirred.

Ramu could foresee the future: The women then, as opposed to their vocal tendency, decided to call that thing as ornament. With this word the world progressed into an age which had weapons of mass distraction, which could first attract some of the earthlings and then, those some earthlings could kill their partners for it, just like orkut.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Story of Inventions: Part 2 of n: The invention of Metal Weapons

Ramu, the Ramapithican beast had built a slinger for his little boy, who was busy shooting birds and squirrels with it.

This had given Ramu to think how to tackle the wifey animal which had suddenly come into existence. It was a warrior tribe of his- they were nomadic people, as they did not know that land had some better use of cultivation. In that era, stone arms were the panache, and they were in demand, and there was no country which could sell such weapons of mass destruction, it was all about the tribe. Ramu being the head of the tribe had all the worries of the world, as the rival tribes had been following his tribe for over a month now. Last time they fought, his tribe had to incur heavy losses of men and women's lives and cattle etcetera.

It wasn't this always, these primordial men were fighting and they had a good fight to their heart's content, and then, females of the tribe thought highly of those battles, so they too, out of sheer curiosity decided to join their comerades in the skirmishes to have a sense of contentment.

However, there was a blunder in this as Ramu noticed that more women got killed and injured in this battle of resources. It was Ramu's concern because if the women were hurt, his tribe would soon vanish. Though they barbecued the boar perfectly and that they reared the child wonderfully, apart from boosting the morales of the soldiers but they were weak in physical strength.

Moreso, there was another weakness of theirs, they talked a lot, and they could not continue with this silent gory business, and started chatting about the family and other worldly matters with their rival counterparts during the encounter, and then the males of the opposite army would hunt them down. It was a ploy to divert them, and they were succeeding at it. Ramu wondered if he could stop this chain. He tried to use women as an added force and now they were proving to be a bad strategy, as they did not enjoy fighting much, whatever be their level of attraction to glory and fame it brought. They simply did not gel into the picture.

It was a novel solution which once struck him while loitering in the meadows. It was a leisure hour and the cattle were grazing nearby, so Ramu had lots of time to kill. While roaming, he somehow came across a stone which had some stripes- colourful stripes across it. Ramu had never seen any such object in his life. So he took it and kept it with him. He showed it to one of the females of his group, who had taken his shelter as he was the ruler, and she was the most loved by him. After seeing that stone, she wished to keep it, and Ramu as usual gifted it to her. She was happy and kept it with her always.

This new and small discovery made waves in the tribe, as the maid went around showing this unique thing to her other friends who did not own this token of love of Ramu. This made other ladies of the group a bit green. It was not the stone or the love, it was the ego which pinched. One day, after the boar hunt, Ramu ordered some water and this lady went inside, keeping the stone nearby. One of the ladies saw her chance and slipped the stone to some crack of a nearby tree. The stone was lost. In the night, during the barbecue, the thief threw the stone into the fire, and the maid saw her do it, but it was too late! She gasped and flung a stone at her! And that's how started a cat fight. As there was no one at that moment, so it was a secret between these two.

Next day, both of the faces bore the bites and nail marks of fight and the scars told a lot, though they both met the others with a great sunny smile. In the ashes later that day, the girl found something which was as hard as rocks, and it shone the sun like a fireball, as if the sun had concentrated itself in the Red-yellow stone-like object. She showed it to Ramu.

Ramu at once understood the use of it- he now had the metal which was harder than the rocks, it was workable, and could be sharpened later on, and it did not yield easily. He would soon have a war with the rival tribe and make them run for their lives, avenging his recent defeat.

As for the girl, Ramu gave her another stone which she gladly hung around her neck to show off as a medal which she had earned....

(to be continued)