Friday, November 18, 2005

The Revised Condition of Unconditional Love

Recently, i fell out of love, again. It was nothing surprising for me. I now have the practice of
falling in and out of love for about a year, so it did not pain the animal within me. I recently had visited to my psychiatrist. The doc recently said that i had 2 more personalities, apart from The Philosopher self, added to my multidimensionality this time, one of a dog, and a gentleman. The dog is a talking dog, while the Gentleman is a chauvinist and a practical man, the doc told me so. The Dog? what a misreable life i had! Once the dog asked me, is there anything called as unconditional love? It has been a very patent question for the dogkind. Do humans love unconditionally? A question which is browbeaten for us people too, some believe in unconditional love, while some do not! As far i'm concerned, ignorance has been a bliss for me. i have been always falling in the "don't know"/ "can't say" genre avoid the exhertion. At least i never want to be in midst of a whirlpool or a hurricane, who knows, you may land in puddle next! Henceforth, I am a slow thinker than The Philosopher, so he replied to it before I could frame my opinion. He explained to the dog about how people react to stimuli, by not wagging their tail but by returning what is called as love. Don't they lick each other? was the next in the list. By this time, the perfect gentleman was rapidly losing his patience. He was gnarling at the dog, showing his denture. An obnoxious creep, that rodent! The philosopher was explaining this beautifully to that canine all the while. Humans don't lick dear! They return the love by loving each other. So they don't love each other if they are not subjected to this stimulus? No! came a crisp reply. The dog's eyes widened to the size that of a cow. Do you too love your master if you are not given your daily food milk and share of love? I dunno, said the dog, Never thought about it! i was all concerned about my daily chores like barking on some squirrels and cats and all!! Soon a girl entered in the panorama. And the till now bored Gentleman sprang into action! He asked the same age old question to the girl. The girl without thinking for a while quipped Even when he doesn't love me, yes, i'll love him. For, someday it will change him! It was a solution which had been unknown for the philosopher hitherto. He now notced this new dimension to my persona, who was answering without any second thought to the Gentleman. He saw the girl go with the gentleman totally in awe of the girl! The girl had told the other part of the story, which completed it, and mine too!
Post Write-up: It was Told to me by my friend that the blog was a bit far fetched in subtelity, so i am compelled to write this note as an add on to the aforesaid article. Neither the girl, nor the The Philosopher part of my personality were right. It seemed to me that the girl too was wrong. Unconditional love has only one condition, the condition of unconditionality, the idea of no returns asked for. Such a love is divine and eternal, though infinite but rare to find. It is my guess, that i'm right.