Saturday, February 25, 2006

Mid Semester Break- 2 of 2: With Chalice Towards One and All

So, in this sequel, the story goes a completely different path. I know, It was long back in the Triassic age that i wrote it's prequel, but then, they say, it's never too late!
It was a pathetic environment there at the infamous ABC Roy Hospital. It was a stressingly calm atmosphere. I was not expecting anyone, as i lie more in the anti- social realm than being in unsocial. But i was expecting some friends of mine to have a casual visit, even if it was not out of love and care which they never showed!
I agree, it was my choice to be cut apart from the society, but then, i was feeling my solitude more keenly. My job was just to lie flat on a hard bed, doing nothing.
Two days passed, and then to my surprise, whole bunch of my department friends came to visit me! It was a sigh of relief, and i was rejuvenated. People did visit me, but it was just for half an hour or so. My neighbour told me "Boss, aapne off season mein visit kiya hai!" (Dude, it's an off season!). He was right, as i was the kunig of the whole Inpatient ward. I made a devious plan of running away from this dreadful hospital, with my pal Czacci (Pronounciation- Cz as in Czech Republic, and CC as in Gucci) where there was no concept of event horizon and space- time warp. It was a pathetic place devoid of any sense of time. As soon as the doctor came to me, he, as if by some magic asked me about relieving me, but advised me to stay in bed, just like a frog on a dissection table- pinned. It was a torture, but still in a magnitude negligible when compared to my condition there in the ABC Roy Holiday resort.
As soon as i came back, i started playing a movie named "Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye" (Let's have some sweets).
My long lost girlfriend then came online. She had nothing to say about where our relation might have headed to, if she and i were together any more. It all sounded like a candy floss, full of sweetness, and devoid of any weight. We finally decided to part our ways, so that both of us had our fair shares of game to play, than patching up and acting sauvve.
I also had some friends on net who then thought i had a distorted view about life, so we had a good heart to heart fight. I bounced them out of my realm.
My one online friend came from past and we patched up our differences, in a more milder way. She was happy to find me again, happy and peppy, and i was glad she was in a much better position than yesteryears.
It was looking like episodes of some classic milestone serials which i used to take no interest in, when i was a kid. Each passing day in the hostel was like a pre- rehearsed drama, being played on the monitor.
Kuchh meetha ho jaye had a story about a few people left stranded on a small air- terminal. They were then forced to stay there, with their mates, and how their problems got sort out when they really started to talk to each other.
It was the case exactly with me. It was a time forced upon me to think and rethink about the goals and the people in my life. To shed some of my relations,which were either sick, or dead, and of course, some relations which needed to be renovated. I learnt that i was not an anti- social which i thought i was. Sometimes, we need to stop and think about our lives, and fortunately, sometimes life gives us that much needed chance.