Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's Darker After the Don

I don't want to sound like a bittered critique. I have been hearing a lots of applause for it, and i don't deny that it was a bad attempt to mimic hollywood. But the fact remains a fact that mimicry seldom sells, if accompanied with skin deep thinking.
Don has all the oomph oozing of a high budgeted, slick movie. It has all the necessary ingredients to bedazzle anyone, but a single Rupee question pops up (like all other pop- ups in the internet, which others did not care to think about) is this- has the director/ writer given enough thought about how to change the script? If the answer of yours is an Aye, then i must exclaim, that i beg to differ.
The end is fantastic, just like i wished hindi movies had. But it has a lot of problems, at least which i don't like at all.

To begin with, i ask this- Don to be omnipresent, either you have to be the atmosphere, or you have to be the big G (The Omnipotent). So, how can you be present at all the places just at the right time? If your success rate is so good (even the golf shot u hit, hits the person on his forehead and he dies- seems slick with all the orchestra in the background, but kya karein! my brain does not have ears!) you can even try for NBA Golf tours, India needs you.

Point number two- how is it that people around you are so dumb that they don't chalk their plans meticulously. what they do is bang their fists on the doors/ lift doors/ walls/ with all those stylish english dialogues, after their plans have crumbled (no wonder). I am pointing to the dialogue "Tumhein yeh pata hai ki ismein goliyan nahin hain, mujhe yeh pata hai ki ismein goliyan nahin hain, lekin police ko yeh nahin pata!!" No sweetie! Thank your stars that the DCP was a dumbass, who forgot to add this particular detail in his oh- so genius plan, motivated by Kamini (the revengeful fiancee of Ramesh, murdered by Don). I'll be blunt- it was the police who mistook- the director who forgot to change this error, and not the genius of Don which saved him.
Amitabh in Don version 1.0 had a completely Allahabadi accent of hindi as a benign Tamashe wala. It suited him, for everyone knew he hails from Allahabad, and his natural accent soothed our ears. Had Shah Rukh Khan kept his original accent, or some other accent which was simpler and original, his performance would have looked realistic. This is where his 100% accuracy missed the mark, let's accept he too has a severe linguistic problem, folks, that he can not fit in a crude role (This problem of his peeped earlier in Paheli as well).

What i believe is adding technical fervor to a story is more important than adding it to production of movie. The duplicate of don had been imbibed with all the body marks of the latter. Has director heard about three magical alphabets D- N- A? How about that googly? The question here can be raised that why the hell the question of DNA has been raised? It is because, seeing that this movie has a futuristic and forward touch, it was the least we could expect of the story, something which was more authentic and more realistic, than just using some gadgets. There are other lists- secured mobile connections, airplanes which fly at X mach (with X greater than 2), with host of other things.

"Apne doston ke naam yaad aa jana ek baat hai, lekin hamare peshe mein apne dushmanon ke naam yaad rakhna zyada zaruri hota hai" Narang says this. What he should have been expecting as an answer was a name, which was not in a police records, a name which only don and his accomplice knew. Another logical error on part of story writer/ director.

The story was supposed to be steely, icy and perfectly evil at the core did not mean every character had to be devoid of human emotions. To exemplify, i'd say the point where the two heroes are celebrating their union (read fighting) are intervened by the kid. The kid gives a perfectly robotic expression. He is just a small wonder!

One more thing which bugs me is this- From where does one get all the time to remain a dutiful cop and a kingpin of a gang?

I agree the music is great, and i agree, the promo was great too, and what i call this? samosa packing- yesterday's left overs and today's maida maketh the great hot samosa!