Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Anything for Ananda

---- End of Concept 1: What an IITian does ----

We all live for ananda. Britannica too has an entry for Ananda as
First cousin and disciple of the Buddha. A monk who served as the Buddha's personal attendant, he became known as the “beloved disciple.” It was Ananda who persuaded the Buddha to allow women to become nuns. By tradition, he was the only intimate disciple of the Buddha who had not attained enlightenment before his master's death; he attained that state just before the first Buddhist Council (c. 544 or 480 BC), when he recited from memory the Sutta Pitaka. He is represented as the author of several Buddhist discourses.
It is for the ultimate ananda and enlightenment that love is needed. Psychologists, Scientists and thinkers think alike. There is another sect which thinks on the same track, the couples, regardless of longitudes.

Scientists have found this compound anandamide, aptly named for its ananda producing effect, in chocolates. It is found to give a lot of pleasure to otherwise bored and sleepy neurons.

Recently, i was sitting in the field of my insti, with my friend, as usual boasting about the big things the IITians preferred to do (Students of Institute of Indian Technology never find themselves interested doing in small things, they are not God of Small Things, they simply are God of Big Bang).
I continued about the recent MMS scandal which happened, in which the main protagonists, the children of some Desi Pr0n School acted for some 2: 30 minutes and then they fizzed out, like the fuse of a bomb. The fuse is equally important, those who celebrate diwali must be knowing the plight of a bomb blighted due to moist and damp fuse. So, just unlike the bomb in question, they did their part of acting before the (mobile) camera with utmost sincerity. The rest of the news kept on singing about how an IITian got that MMS on computer, and how he managed to sell it for just 18K to some e- shop (which had an IITian CEO) and why both of these IITian kangaroos leaped into a trap. They are said to have even shared the same cell in jail too! (It is already a hell of a trouble in our halls, sharing a single seater room with another person who is not a girl) . This will be a superfluous to write that this couple (not the hero and heroine) suddenly shot to fame with their larger than life ideas. Big Shots. Big Shits.

A few years back, when i was in my second year, i read in a newspaper that one fresher of IIT Delhi lodged an FIR against his seniors. He insinuated them for ragging that poor soul. What did they do? They asked him to perform some Elvis Presley -like movements (albeit in some other sense). This inconsiderate chap never thought for a second about the ananda the seniors would have got, had he condescended to act as per their humble requests. The guy could be confused too, because they told him to watch a video lecture on this issue too, better known as Pondy amongst IITians. This is the best way to revise our class notes, as it enlightens us on more earthly anandas and in this process rejuvenates the young, genius and creative minds of tired souls. This issue quickly lost its air because of some unknown reason. It was the only exceptional case where the main protagonists did not rose to fame like some V Gupta, Vinod K., A Malhotra, Steve Jobbs (or Bill gates for that matter).

This time, my best buddy Raka called me on Valentine's day to tell me that some IITian, again this time from IITD, got caught selling Drugs in Salt Lake City, Kolkata. I was more than happy to hear that he made some quick crores before getting nabbed by our intelligent police. It was for good that i got my doubt clarified that the druggists did not peddle drugs. Thank you dad for it! Otherwise i would have sympathised with that great man. He could find a way to stupefy government is a commendable job. Last, it was some Gurukant Desai who did this kind of thing (in his case, importing unauthorised machines) with Indian government, for his own profit (important fact: he did not donate a single paisa for any welfare job, which meant that he was interested in the returns only) and later compared Gandhi with himself in patriotism. I have full faith in this senior of mine that sooner or later (which would be decided by Barasat Court, Kolkata, how sooner it will be) this man is going to be another Guru, if not, at least another Mahatma Gandhi for sure, because he is now liberating the clich├ęd soul of an average earthling, by giving him the formula of ethereal ecstacy (and in case the police adds a few chemical names in the list, and i'm sure it's not anandamide), who knows what tree will germinate from this seed, for, every today is tomorrow's yesterday.

The word IITian itself is scale- monumental...

My friend patiently heard my independence day's lecture (she gives me a good audience, this is what gives me ecstacy, that someone is there to hear my logic!) and finally replied, sweetly and yawning, Chand kitna pyara hai na! To which i replied with passion Haan, Bahut pyara hai! Certainly, sitting with her in the rough grass (which certainly never seems spikey when i'm with her), my hormones give me the Ananda which one of my respected profs (frust of another respected senior prof's undecayed enthu about visiting buildings for architectural studies at 9 o' clock night) called as The Orgasmic Pleasure.