Sunday, January 04, 2009

Story of Inventions: Part Rest of n

The Invention of Orkut

Mr. Orkut Buyyukokten, the inventor is standing in front of the
neanderthal audience, explaining on the multimedia projector, what is the idea behind his new site, they all are sitting around campfire, with a boar being barbequed.
Orkut: This is a new Website.
Ramu, The thick and pessimist co-worker: What does it do?

Orkut: It will help socialise people who have otherwise problems approaching others to talk.
Ramu: You mean approaching girls, right!
Orkut: I hate this planet. People almost always relate anything with girls! NO!!
Ramu: then what would be the use?
Orkut: People will make friends and send scraps to each other
Ramu: what is a scrap?
Orkut: A scrap is a message
Ramu: Is it? I thought mails were good enough!
Orkut: Look o naive Ramu! this thing is faster than mails, and you would never know who scrapped you until you open the orkut page, otherwise emails bug you in your messenger, as if it were the sole thing!
Ramu: then why is it that it's public?
Orkut: Dear Ramu, it's not! If you want, no one can see the scrap. It's totally upon you to decide who sees what!
Ramu: Oh lord Orkut! Pray explain then if people will keep everything private then how the hell would anyone socialise?
Orkut: erm... (takes a glass of water and gulps some)
Ramu:Another thing o great one! Are we copying from Facebook? It has a chat, we have a chat, it is a social networking site, we are the same, it has privacy features, we too have introduced it, like it's mail, we too have a mail, and same with applications as well...
Orkut: O innocent Ramu, we are not copying facebook, it's just a coincidence that we both share the same ideas! Look i've just now completed the module for chat which would enable various friends to chat, even if you didn't want them in your friends' list. see! (shows him a demo of this)
Ramu is awestruck. It's great, and also never demands for doughnuts!
Ramu: O noble one! I totally understood that Orkut is an original and a holy attempt to bind the world in a human chain, and that facebook is a cheap imitation! I bow before thou.

Some 5 milennia later, orkut became a great sensation in India, and most of the studious IIT guys can be found learning important stuff from it, collecting the pics of "babes" of their campus, in their computer labs.