Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sherlock Holmes and Salaam Namaste Compared

Yesternight i was busy chatting with my best friend's sister. The topics ranged from the food and family to various other not- that- important things akin to bad odor of mouth. It was getting late and i desperately wanted to have a sleep and she was in no mood to going to bed. I yielded and i just for the sake of continuing the chat asked her, "Have you read Sherlock Holmes?", and she counter- questioned it, "Have you seen Salaam Namaste?". What a combination of questions! It was then a logic versus emotion battle between us, the winner was to be awarded a good night's sleep! Ah! what a dummy question to ask, when i was being literary!! I was not in a mood to answer such feminine question. So, i changed my stance swiftly to something more boyish. I tried to prove that what the female protagonist was doing and whining in the movie were non- sensical and crap, as the actor put it straight! But the verdict was already out, that the actress was right in her own right and the option of abortion was inhuman. Period. i tried to object to it on the grounds of practicality but she would not budge, for it was her verdict and i was a dollar percent wrong.
What i suggested was a practical move, which would have solved the couple's solution, but who cares for the solution, when what one wants is sympathy. It's not the solution which mattered anymore, it was the apathy of my attitude which was on the show. It was very callous of me to put forth this topic in most inhuman way. Inhumane ideas are practical, at least more often than not, and i favour the solution than favouring sympathy. I have a belief that solution belittles the problem so that when it is countered, it bows and let you pass through, than daring in your eyes and laughing at you. I know that sympathy makes you feel good at heart, like a spring sunshine, but what good is the sunshine, when you have a bruised knee? it never serves any purpose than making you feel good, but the bruise is still there. But still many of the people go for the sympathy mode of communication, it's certainly their choice.
i wrote upto this till last week, not knowing i'd see the other face of Salaam Namaste this week.
Yesternight was a friday night, and i was in a mood for a long walk, quite usual of me. So i chose one of my wingmates for a company, and he took out his two- wheeler. During the drive we arrived at the topic of Importance of girlfriends. I have a reservation for this topic, not because i'm not interested in girls, but because i feel a bit insecure talking about them. Call it my idiosyncracy, but this is how i react to this issue. And trust me, i can convince anyone why i don't allow myself to enter in such relationships.
So there were we two going around the IIT campus in the dead of night talking our way out and the trees moving in the direction counter to our velocity vector. He told me, you know something, i and my friend went to watch that movie, and i really enjoyed it. i was feeling bored by now, and i just uttered, yeah, the dolby system makes the listening a picnic, right? my statements usually form a part of monologue and people don't find some open end to continue the issue further, but this friend of mine was a master of speech. He countered me, na! but because i was with her. it was her presence which made me enjoy the movie, otherwise i would not have gone for it had i been alone. It must be lonely being alone for u, no? Now i was cornered. I stuch at this point, then i found a way out. To declare myself a saint! I proved to him that how have i grown above such feelings, and how are all, irrespective of gender equal before me. But it was the truth which was peeking out badly.Had not Sherlock Holmes been alone? He was, for he too was bad at human relations, and good at logic. So am i.