Sunday, August 23, 2009

Singing on a Lower Pitch

The Dog was lurking in the dark alleys of internet, and by chance, he ended up sniffing few write ups in a blog filed under the title "rant". The article writer definitely wanted to be heard, and she was being heard, with comments on her blog being double of The Dog's own. What caught again The Dog's sniffer nose was the unusual intensity of the word "rant". Technically barking- rant would mean too much of violence or extravagant, as would be the context when the word was used when it shouldn't have been. Everything was perfectly under control, with no emotion being out of control, as the label would claim, observed the beast. He had encountered a similar observation not so long ago, may be half a decade ago.

The Dog wanted to go for higher studies, for which he wanted to write a cover letter, shamelessly mentioning why he fitted that university, in a land far far away. He was genuinely interested in the subject and wanted to make it his career, and hence, to show his keen curiousity, he chose words he deemed fit to design the application. A wise and kind man lived next to him, who would often help him diagnose his inner self. The wise man perused through his application, looked up to the animal, and said "Everything you wrote is the truth, but your know, there is a problem. I call that problem overexpressing an emotion, for example- instead of "highly interested" may be you could have suggested some of your acts which depicted the same."

The Dog was gifted, actually, compensated to understand the human languages, for; he was unable to comprehend much of human emotions. He would never understand the rising or the falling graph of emotions, or understand the unsaid, so he would often tilt his head to one side, and stare wide- eyed, with a bewildered expression at men and women, who would often dramatise and romanticise the events.

Why did people often do that? His own kinds knew only a few notes to sing the famous lyrics of Baha men song "who let the dogs out". They were never dramatic, in fact, most of the animals, unless it was the mating season.

The only reason, The Dog, understood was that people often had a sense of awareness, which allowed them to realise they existed. The self also had an extension, which The Dog felt was vestige, known as ego. This part of self (illogically, but successfully) tried to convince the self that the being was a unique individual, with no one as special as him. This would often make him feel cherished, and would make him want more. The more meant even more, when it came to fame.

The fame rhymes with the word name, observed The Dog. That too wasn't without a reason (though that very same reason, however, didn't follow with shame, dame, game, blame, etc). The ego or the sense of self, allowed the humans to associate themselves with words which they thought were unique for them. If someone uttered that word, they would respond, as if someone had nudged them.

[Agreed, my family didn't have names, and we used to understand how to hunt a mouse or a poor small animal in packs, and everyone developed his own sense of responsibility in the team, by the games we often played in our childhood. But humans named everything, even their homes, cars, and pets, including me. I responded to them, because everytime i responded, I was given my favourite bone to suck, or a juicy piece of mutton. The reward is a big motivator.]

So, when humans name is called, they feel elated a bit, and this gives them a sense of being wanted by the person calling the word, that is, what they call name. If a lot many people would call their name, it would be a transaction in which the input is too overwhelming. To make people call your name, you need to be different, you needed to be dramatic, guesses The Dog. May be, you needed to be special, hence the usage of the word "rant" in the title of the article, when it wasn't necessary, to dramatise a simple event.

Humans, are the descendents of the great Ape family, and hence, they believe in copying what they find attractive. As a result, now The Dog finds all the world being dramatic in a way or the other. May be, for a change, letting the actions communicate would keep things simple, and clean. It may sound boring at first, but the closer look would reveal that since the things are easily understood, so it would greatly increase the pace of the work, and speed is more fun, The Dog guesses that's what the wise and kind man meant.


Swapnil said...

Hey, honoured to be the first one to comment on this one!

Achchha likha hai! magar bahut clearly story nahi samajh aa rahi hai... shayad language bahut scientific text ki tarah se hai! isliye kahin kahin pe reader ka (mera, me with short attention span) dhyaan bant jaataa hai...

tere purane blogs ke muqabale thoda sa jyaada serious hai, magar easily readable nahi hai!



Nimesh said...

Thanks for pointing the readability issue. I would try to keep the serious blogs much simpler in future. I would try to explain the idea a bit here-

Humans have long used the dramatic expressions to startle others. Why do they do it? Seeing others cherish the idea gives the a sense of satisfaction (of ego) that they could find something which no one else noticed.

This tendency, in turn can be traced to satisfaction of ego, and trying to bind with the society. Usually, you'd notice people with less social interactions are more attention hungry.

Another issue which bothers people is that they have names. Often, your awareness links your name to you- which again is traceable to subtle and high ego.


Swapnil said...

khatarnaak analysis hai bhai - tum software chhod do, you should go to some arts field like sociology, phsychology, and one of those HSS kind of subjects!

I will try to read again to understand this.

magar point ye hai ki likhte raho, aur khoob likho!

Nimesh said...

I heard this second time, suprisingly. Someone in the Taksh Shila Lab once told me that I'd be a good HR.

hahahahaha *ugly and maniacal laughter*

Anonymous said...

I also agree with Swapnil's suggestion for you regarding joining HSS. Because, only they are capable of such a complex analysis on a topic which is usually of no practical utility! :)

Swapnil said...

Student in ghasi dep: Sir, I've picked this up from an anonymous paper, so I really cannot be sure of its authenticity

Prof in Ghasi Dep: arre, tum anonymous ko nahi jaante, inhone bahut papers likhe hein ... mein to inka fan ho

Student looks at prof's desk. Under the glass on it is a paper. On the paper, one can read ' when in trouble, press Ctrl Alt Del'

Nimesh said...

@ Anonymous: True, True!
@ Swapnil: Archi dep ka prof said: Anonimesh? ye kaun hai?